Tim Meuchel (pronounced ‘MY-kel’) spent twelve years in corporate management after graduating as a Civil Engineer from Virginia Tech. Long before college Tim caught the entrepreneurial bug; working as a young teen delivering newspapers for $0.07 per paper. Seeing an opportunity to exponentially increase earnings he approached his supervisor about selling subscriptions. They settled on a per subscription commission rate of $25. With little time investment, Tim’s earnings more than tripled and within a couple weeks he was selling the most subscriptions at the paper. His first prize – a new bicycle.

After college Tim put his entrepreneurial bug on hold; accepting a job in corporate management. But… the bug never went completely away. Tim’s job was secure but didn’t pay enough so he started a side business. When his business quickly took off Tim resigned from Corporate America for good in 2008. He has yet to look back.

Tim continues to learn and now spends most of his time teaching entrepreneurs how to differentiate and build a thriving business; so they can align and leverage their own expertise with their true passion and become the authority in their niche - on their own terms. To share his message Tim writes, runs a mastermind community, coaches, consults, trains, speaks, and hosts his Podcast.

Outside of work Tim enjoys time with his wife, Katie, their three children, family, and friends. He coaches youth sports year-round and stays active in his church; sitting on the pastoral advisory council. Committed to staying healthy and keeping in shape, Tim strives to “break a sweat” at least once every day. He loves boating and cheering for the Virginia Tech Hokies (all sports), Washington Redskins (NFL), Baltimore Orioles (MLB), Washington Wizards (NBA), and Duke (Basketball).

Among other philanthropic efforts, Tim remains committed to his support in the fight against Prostate Cancer

Tim loves to hear from and connect with his followers, so don’t be shy. 

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