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Entrepreneur podcast show notes for The 10 Factor hosted by Tim Meuchel (pronounced ‘MY-kel’). After struggling as an entrepreneur & learning the hard way Tim became obsessed with mastering the ins-and-outs of business success. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs he engineered a 10-month roadmap they could use to build a thriving business. Tim uses his twice weekly podcast to share 20+ years of his own lessons learned and the proven steps of featured guest top entrepreneurs & influencers.

Do you know how to leverage mentor tips to thrive & scale your business? Did you know more than 90% of entrepreneurs fail and many lack the right mentor? If you are ready to build a thriving business THE 10 FACTOR provides a 10-month roadmap you need. Tim Meuchel created his roadmap by adding more than 20 years of his experiences (good and bad) to proven steps he learned from other top entrepreneurs. Now Tim spends his time using his passion – helping entrepreneurs build a thriving business.

I Want a Thriving Business. What’s Next?

Are you are ready to take your business to the next level? Then it’s time to level up and start your new journey. THE 10 FACTOR – From Struggling to Thriving Business in 10 Months. Welcome to THE 10 FACTOR!

087: Jon Warner on SLAM – Startup Launch Assistance Map

Five-time company CEO, Jon Warner is a widely respected entrepreneurship expert and mentor having founded and led three startups. Jon is a noted speaker at businesses, colleges and conferences across the world. He also lectures on entrepreneurship at both undergraduate and MBA level. Jon is also a prolific author having published 40 books, all concerning […]

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082: Tim Meuchel on Rekindling Your Fire – How Entrepreneurs Can Get Back in the Game

Rekindling your fire is easier said than done. What happens when you go through something that devestates you personally, and impacts your family, your employees and your business? Your customer might see a nice storefront but your business’s back of house is a mess. What is truly going on behind the scenes during these tough […]

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