083: Tim Meuchel on Climbing Back From Adversity With a Vengeance


Entrepreneurs Climbing Back from Adversity…

What if adversity struck and you lost you availability to work your business; like right now?

  • Maybe adversity hit and you no longer had control
  • Your face was gone from the online space for too long.

Where to start…

  • Let your followers, clients and customers know

    Tim Meuchel – The 10 Factor
  • Establish a plan to get back in the game
  • Give yourself deadlines
  • Find accountability partners
  • Keep your circle of influence in the loop
  • Lean on your circle of influence
  • Look for signs… people will know something is going on and try to figure it out. Is this what you want?
  • Start small and make sure you can be consistent
  • Make sure your task list is manageable.
  • Say “no” more than you did before.
  • Respect other people’s time more than ever
  • Remember it’s what you do, not what you say. Be consistent.

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About the author 

Tim Meuchel

Tim Meuchel is the bestselling author and podcast host of The 10 Factor: From Struggling to Thriving Business in 10 Months. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Tim failed his way to success. He gave up $334,200 in 2008 after resigning from a twelve-year corporate management career to pursue his side business full-time. The business quickly grew 8X and within four months Tim's wife quit her job as well. Several years later a bad business deal left Tim's company almost bankrupt. Tapping into emergency funds, he fought back and restructured the business; resulting in a new profit producing model requiring less than 40% effort. Seeing an opportunity to give back and help other struggling entrepreneurs Tim reverse engineered his process, validated it with top entrepreneurs, and created a ten-month roadmap - The 10 Factor.

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