041: Roger Ramsukh on Moving Past Setbacks and Overcoming Self-Imposed Limits


Do you let past setbacks and self-imposed limits cripple your progress in life and business?

Roger Ramsukh
Roger Ramsukh

Roger Ramsukh, BSc. BST guides others in their own journey of moving past their own setbacks and self- imposed limits to live lives that fulfill them spiritually, emotionally and physically. He is an Author, Speaker and Therapist. He has worked with people that exhibit problem behaviours for over 15 years.

Roger has worked extensively with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, mood disorders and a wide range of people who are ‘stuck’ in some aspect of their life.

He has worked front line with the hardest to serve populations in Group Homes and Government run Institutions. Also as consulting to a wide range of organizations including schools, hospitals, private clinics, group homes and private homes.

He has taught conflict resolution to HR departments, created safety plans and taught crisis intervention for at risk patients in hospitals and group homes.

Roger is certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Applied Behavioural Anaysis & Crisis Intervention.

He is the award winning author of the book The Fearless Parent- 20 ways to inspire success, respect and gratitude and the upcoming book Authentic Life ? infinite Abundance:  Creating abundance through discovering your authentic purpose.

Roger has spoken nationally and internationally and uses his passion, knowledge, and relatability to increase his audience’s knowledge and engage them on a personal level.

After experiencing his own challenges professionally he embarked on a journey to find his authentic self. And realized how interconnected the inner journey is to outside achievement. He now guides others in their own journey of moving past their own setbacks and self- imposed limits. This way they can live lives that fulfill them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Roger holds workshops for parents on all kinds of issues related to their children. These include Autism, accommodations for cognitive delays, appropriate ways to discipline, setting limits with older kids, dealing with verbal outbursts, depression, anxiety and an array of other topics.

He also helps entrepreneurs how to teach their children the principles to succeed. To find the joy in their life, reconnect with their families. To get unstuck from mental blocks in their life and to find true abundance with a proven program and the guidance of the Divine.

Roger believes in using a soft heart with a firm mindset when dealing with people and finds his greatest joy when speaking to others either in word or in print.

In this episode of The 10 Factor find out:

  1. Why Roger kept losing his jobs
  2. The benefits of building a success mindset
  3. The attributes entrepreneurs need to survive and thrive
  4. How to fight back against self-imposed limits.

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