010: Delegating – Why It’s So Hard and What to Do About It


Entrepreneurs, what can you teach once today then let someone else handle tomorrow?

It would blow your mind to find out the money you waste by not delegating. Have you done the math? Then why are you waiting?

In this episode also find out…

  1. What to do if a client doesn’t want you to make money.
  2. What you are worth.
  3. Steps to figure out what to delegate and how to leverage it.
  4. What you can’t delegate.

Episode Bonus: I’d love to interview a guest who would come on the show to share a real life experience of how they leveraged delegating…

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About the author 

Tim Meuchel

Tim Meuchel is the bestselling author and podcast host of The 10 Factor: From Struggling to Thriving Business in 10 Months. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Tim failed his way to success. He gave up $334,200 in 2008 after resigning from a twelve-year corporate management career to pursue his side business full-time. The business quickly grew 8X and within four months Tim's wife quit her job as well. Several years later a bad business deal left Tim's company almost bankrupt. Tapping into emergency funds, he fought back and restructured the business; resulting in a new profit producing model requiring less than 40% effort. Seeing an opportunity to give back and help other struggling entrepreneurs Tim reverse engineered his process, validated it with top entrepreneurs, and created a ten-month roadmap - The 10 Factor.

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